The clients for this project came to us not knowing exactly what they were looking for. The design started with a small carport addition to the side of an existing two-car garage/ carriage house. After spending some time and going over how the family used the main house and existing space, it became apparent that they needed a carport and additional space for the family to host and entertain and much-needed storage. We revised the plans several times before construction began to ensure we were building exactly what they were after. The existing home and garage were initially built to a very high standard, and the addition and renovation had to match.

No detail was overlooked during this project. We had to take down a large cedar tree to make room for the addition, which we milled up on-site and dried in slabs to be used later in the project. Special attention was given to soundproofing the building as much as possible with laminated glass windows, extra layers of drywall and additional Rockwool insulation throughout. This worked well with a significant focus on an incredibly efficient envelope throughout the project’s new and old parts. A beautiful bath and sauna, complete with a custom Japanese style soaker tub, was built on the lower floor and connected to a new guest room.

The cedar slabs from the tree were used for the tub and a bench in the games room upstairs, and a custom wet bar was designed and built for the games room. The building has a very west coast feel to it with vertical grain Fir throughout the interior and Cedar on the exterior. This project was a favourite for our team. Everyone seized the opportunity to showcase their carpentry and finishing skills, truly demonstrating critical attention to detail necessary for a project like this.

The Red Barn Montessori project in Brackendale was a challenging but rewarding one. The clients came to us wanting to transform an existing space into a Montessori School for young children. The space was made up of 3 connected buildings, a garage, a two-bedroom rental suite and the existing main house. The spaces had seen many renovations over the years and basically needed to be gutted back to the studs and structurally rebuilt to allow for all interior walls to be removed. In the end, it would be one very clean, modern and beautiful space for kids to learn. The garage was turned into what became the new front entrance to the school complete with a true timber frame structure at the front door. The back of the space had a large covered play area built to allow for the children to play outside while staying dry. Due to the garage being turned into a classroom the clients needed a new garage space which was built at the rear of the property. The timeline for this project did not allow for any delays as it needed to be completed in time for the next school year. Everything went off without a hitch and the space is now home to 12 very short and very energetic students every day.

We were given the amazing opportunity to design and build Squamish’s first single family certified Passive House. This was an exciting dream that came to fruition. Passive House has been an area of focus for Mike and the Blue Water Team for over 5 years. When our clients approached us after seeing our Diamond Head project back in 2018, they inquired if we knew anything about Passive House. It was music to our ears!

We teamed up with Pierre from Mizu Passive House who acted as our Passive House Consultant and we began to embark on an exciting new design process. The lot we were building on posed many challenges being in the flood zone, having less than ideal soil and it was also quite a compact lot. We worked together to navigate these challenges and came up with a beautiful design that checked off all the boxes on our clients wish list. It also, most importantly, reached Passive House Certification and looks gorgeous at the same time.

Our Blue Water Team consists of 5 Certified Passive House Tradesperons. We believe this is just one of the many reasons why this build is incredibly air tight and the attention to detail is outstanding.

We truly hope this project is the first of many Certified Passive Houses to go up in Squamish, and that we are granted with the opportunity to build them.